Astronomical - PH014

Written and recorded September 2017

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises by Peter Harris

Copyright 2017 Peter Harris

Published 2017 Peter Harris

Like buses, you wait for ages then two come along at once..

The fact that I only started writing this towards the end of 'Across the Great Divide' at the end of August and that it is ready now probably speaks volumes about how much fun I had doing it. There's some cheese on it, some catchy, dare I say toe tappers' and just some outright nice melodies on here and hopefully something will appeal to you.

Not a single real instrument graces this collection and it was the work of hours fiddling around to get everything just how I liked it, my mouse hand has never been so cramped (insert double entendre here). Ultimately though it was worth it and I don't think I've exhausted the run of ideas just yet. I doubt that the next one will be out in a couple of weeks though (although never say never...)

For now, have a listen and I really would appreciate hearing any comments.

Now then, about this years Christmas choon....

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01  Nova 4.23
02  Redshift 4.00
03  Interstellar 2.46
04  Aperture 3.48
05  Celestial 3.05
06  Candescent 3.48
07  Eccentricity 3.02
08  Ecliptic 3.44
09  Meridian 4.06
10  Orbit 5.00