The Claw Sings Sinatra

Subtractive Synthesis      

The Claw Sings Sinatra - PH017

Written and recorded between August and November 2018

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises by Peter Harris

Copyright 2018 Peter Harris

Published 2018 Peter Harris

There is an ongoing 'proper instrument' album, er....ongoing somewhere, it's been ongoing for about a year now....

....must get around to finishing that!!

Anyhoo, this was good fun from soup to nuts but I think that's me done with synths for this year, think I need a break and I've started tinkering with the guitars again and I'm building a small collection of ideas with which to finish the stalled album. Then I'll play with the electronic stuff again (anyone familiar with my sweeping statements will fully expect another synth album in a week or two).

TTFN....or until the Christmas ditty for this year is ready.

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01  Idle Hands 4.18
02  Out To Lunch 2.34
03  Faxed It Up 3.18
04  From Scratch 3.04
05  Half Time 2.35
06  Strange Attractors 3.14
07  As It Was 3.12
08  Your Other Left 3.48
09  Hashtag Awks 2.38
10  The Forge 4.29
11  Are We There Yet 3.31