Cloudy With Scattered Pathos

Cloudy With Scattered Pathos      

Cloudy WIth Scattered Pathos - PH009

Written and recorded between February and September 2013

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises and words by Peter Harris

Copyright 2013 Peter Harris

Published 2013 Peter Harris

New CD time again....

My initial idea was a lot darker than it's turned out, and there were going to be a lot more 'ranty' talky bits. Guess I was feeling a bit hard done by back in February, my first birthday without Mum around and feeling an incredible sense of injustice at it all. Luckily, as 'coping' with the loss began to turn into grudging acceptance, some of the darker (and angrier) edges got knocked off and the whole project took a different turn.

I think this has some of my best guitar work to date on it (I would say that though....). Easy Come, Easy Go really did come easy, the whole guitar part popping into my head from who knows where (thanks if it was you Mum), on the first run through (even though it took several takes to then get 'just so'). To Be Loved is one of my faves and the kind of thing I could do all day long. When All Else Fails is a first for me, I haven't done anything where the keyboard carries the melody, but it did sound awful when done with a guitar, and so I bit the bullet and channelled my inner Richard Clayderman and it seems to have worked.

As always, I hope you find something to like on here, I think that that I got a lot out of my system doing it, so maybe now I can go back to those more upbeat ideas I was toying around with when melancholy struck in where did I put that mandolin?

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The 'Talky Bits' can be found here. (Opens a new tab or window)

01  In the Beginning 1.48
02  What Gets Left Behind 4.40
03  Faith in the Future 3.47
04  By This Time Tomorrow 5.05
05  Easy Come, Easy Go 4.54
06  Come What May 4.25
07  To Be Loved 4.48
08  From Beginning To End 4.32
09  When All Else Fails 6.47