Learning to Fly (Single)

Learning to Fly (Single)      

Learning to Fly (Single) - PHS006

Recorded April 2018

Arranged and produced by Peter Harris

Written by David Gilmour, Anthony Moore, Bob Ezrin, and Jon Carin

All noises by Peter Harris

Copyright remains with the original holders

Published 2018 Peter Harris

I was asked by my niece Gemma if I'd record an acoustic version of the Pink Floyd song Learning to Fly for her to walk down the isle on her wedding day to Matt to.

She has loved this song since she was knee high to something which equally as small as she was in 1987 when it originally came out, so I was going to have to get it right.

Nina loved it when I played it for her (I think she had some dust in her eye or something that day...)

Anyway if the bride bursting into tears on hearing it is any indication, then I must have done something right.

I wish the bride and groom many long and happy years together and was honoured to help play a small part in their very special day.

All my love Uncle Pete

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