A Few Old Friends

A Few Old Friends Cover      

A Few Old Friends - PH001

Recorded between April and August 2008

Lead and rhythm guitars by Peter Harris

With thanks and credit to the many and varied sources I acquired the backing tracks from.

Published 2008 Peter Harris

Copyright on each track resides with the original holder.

I discovered that not all backing tracks are created equal while I was recording 'A Few Old Friends', but that's my personal hang-up..

..on the whole I was very pleased with the results here, considering I hadn't recorded anything (other than the odd gig), in somewhere between 20 and 25 years and my playing was bloody rusty (an understatement). Needless to say everything had moved on a tad since my Fostex days with bloody expensive chrome tapes and only 4 tracks to play with, now it's all Logic this and Pro Tools that and you end up confronted with a bit of kit which would grace the bridge of the Starship Enterprise..

I spent three or four weeks working the kinks out and getting to a point where I was happy(ish) that I could still play a bit and then jumped in and had a go. If I remember rightly 'Last Horizon' was the first track. I'd got the backing from Brian May's site so it's basically his album track minus the lead and I might not have gone any further if the results of this initial recording hadn't turned out so well. As it also turned out most of the tech, while looking daunting was incredibly simple to use.

I will (in that ever elusive 'spare moment'), re-mix this CD because it does suffer a bit from uneven track volume in places..but you get the overall idea

Hope you enjoy it..Pete

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01  Apache 2.52
02  Last Horizon 3.11
03  Walk Don't Run 2.52
04  Man of Mystery 2.02
05  Parisienne Walkways 3.21
06  Theme from the Deer Hunter 3.24
07  Ghost Riders in the Sky 3.13
08  Theme From The Boys 2.46
09  Dance On 2.25
10  Don't Cry For Me Argentina 3.23
11  Geronimo 2.22
12  Guitar Tango 2.54
13  Kon Tiki 1.54
14  The Loner 4.43
15  Last Horizon Alternate Version 2.55
16  Going Home 4.16