Guitarist - PH011

Written and recorded between February and April 2015

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises by Peter Harris

Copyright 2015 Peter Harris

Published 2015 Peter Harris

In early February I started tinkering around with some piano parts for what was going to be my next collection of tunes. I'd got a couple of pleasing bits sorted out when, on the basis that you can never have too many guitars, I decided that my collection was sorely lacking a Telecaster.

With a newly assembled pedal board at my disposal and said Tele purchased as a birthday present, I sat down to noodle around with all the new kit and two months later had finished my new project with nary a keyboard resorted to. (There are a couple but who's counting).

Every bit of lead guitar on here was recorded using the afore mentioned Telecaster it just sounded so good, that and a combination of the pedals and the new version of Garageband have added to the change in guitar sound for this album.

This one's a bit 'looser' than the others which by the end I wound up quite liking, and those original piano bits? ....they found their way into the bin with no real sense of regret, what I finished with was far better than the demos I dumped.

So that's it 'till next time then, have a listen some of it may rub off on you.

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01  On Any Other Day 4.23
02  Another Time 3.52
03  The Hard Way 5.05
04  If Wishes Were Horses 3.00
05  Quel Dommage 5.02
06  As I Falter 3.49
07  Where There's a Will 4.17
08  Standing Still 4.50
09  Edging Closer 4.07