The Fading Light of Day

The Fading Light of Day      

The Fading Light of Day - PH008

Recorded between June and October 2012

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises by Peter Harris

Copyright 2012 Peter Harris

Published 2013 Peter Harris

This one is for my Mum, it didn't start out that way but that's how it's ended up.

Not much to add to that really, this started out as me fiddling around with Garageband presets on the iPad and discovering the little string arrangement which is the start of 'The Dark Before the Light' which was the first track I wrote, the rest of it all happened in a bit of a rush after that and although she heard some of the demo's and a couple of the early finished tracks, she never did hear the whole thing.

Thanks to everyone for the love, support and kind wishes, they have meant a lot. I hope you enjoy it, I'm incredibly proud of it.

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01  Overture (The Fading Light of Day) 3.09
02  On The Shore 3.41
03  In the Moonlight 3.36
04  As Night Follows Day 5.14
05  Reflections 4.44
06  The Golden Hour 5.17
07  As the Shadows Lengthen 4.13
08  The Dark Before the Light 5.22
09  On the Edge of Sleep 5.19
10  Underture (Sunset) 1.59