Lost Along the Way

Lost Along the Way      

Lost Along the Way - PH012

Written and recorded between August 2015 and July 2016

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises by Peter Harris

Copyright 2016 Peter Harris

Published 2016 Peter Harris

Another collection started in the wake of a loss, music really is a wonderful escape and distraction.

I started this with the opening and closing tracks which were the result of a new Ovation 12 string (yet another guitar I seemed to have lusted after for some years). Not sure that the gear acquisition syndrome made me feel any better but it certainly led to a few decent ideas.

Really must see if I can dust the old vocal chords off for the next one. (There's a prospect to terrify small children and animals!)

So once again I bid you adieu 'till next time, thanks for listening and I hope something here brought a smile to your face.

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01  Nothing's Ever Broken 2.03
02  Going, Going, Gone 4.19
03  Used To Be Heaven 5.00
04  Melancholy Starlight 3.07
05  The Deep End 4.32
06  Along the Way 3.30
07  It Rained All Day 4.37
08  Comes To Us All 3.50
09  Time and Tide 4.45
10  Nothing's Ever Lost 3.09