I've been playing for more years than I care to count now, (I probably started when I was 13 or 14, so roughly 40 years if you absolutely must know). In that time I've done the rounds of school bands, The Dumas when I was 16 or 17, or both, (side note, the drummer Daz Shields was the only one of us who kept up the music the rest of us just drifted out of it), I've played in a couple of semi-pro bands, the last (and perhaps better known), of them being Channel D with a couple of friends, Alvin Burrell (who went on to better things), and David Smith.

After a line up change (whatever happened to Wendy, a nice lass with a decent voice as I recall), Channel D eventually disappeared up it's own wazoo (largely due to collective apathy and yet another line up change as I recall), and at that point my interest in most things musical began to wane for a good number of years. Although I continued to play for my own enjoyment and even did a few 'guest spots', the guitars really just sat around gathering dust between infrequent bouts of playing (and beer!).

Anyway, to get more up to date, I suddenly re-discovered the guitar at around the same time Hilary and I met, (I was probably trying to impress her), and since then my collection of instruments has grown steadily out of control, for the curious it's all listed below and the vast majority of it has been used in the production of the albums I am responsible for, the latest of which, 'Here and Yesterday' is available below.

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Anyway, below are the links for my music so far..

Ongoing Project  Loose Ends and Demos being the left overs and other bits that don't fit anywhere else.

2008  A Few Old Friends

2010  Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

2011  Season's End

2011  The Ripple Effect

2012  Through the Looking Glass

2012  That's Gonna Smart

2013  The Fading Light of Day

2013  Stuff and Nonsense EP

2013  Cloudy With Scattered Pathos

2013  Silent Night (Single)

2014  With the Luxury of Time

2014  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Single)

2015  Guitarist

2015  The Sussex Carol (Single)

2016  Lost Along the Way

2016  We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Single)

2017  Across the Great Divide

2017  Astronomical

2017  Six Ways From Sundae

2017  Deck the Halls (Single)

2018  Learning to Fly (Single)

2018  Subtractive Synthesis

2018  The Claw Sings Sinatra

2018  Little Drummer Boy

2019  Here and Yesterday

So on to the business end, equipment;

Early/Mid 80's Ibanez Blazer, (third guitar I ever owned currently awaiting a long overdue refurb)

Click the links below to see a nice piccy of each, the images are just over a megabyte each so may load slowly, use the 'BACK' button to come back to this page.

Angelica semi acoustic
   This has a build date of somewhere between the mid fifties and mid sixties and was bought for me by my Dad in the mid seventies for 54 pounds. It saw regular service until the early 80's and my first Ibanez came along but it still holds a soft spot in my heart.

2017 Fender Artist Series 'The Edge' Strat
   Proper 'Full Fat' American strat this one. I have favoured the larger CBS era head stock ever since the seventies when it was the head stock on the guitar du jour used by the Shadows (OK I know all you pre CBSers won't be talking to me now!). All the aesthetics of the 70's strats with modern electrics and a more modern trem.

Mexican Strat (altered)
   added a couple of Gilmour 'esque' tweaks to this. Shortened the trem arm, must do that to the other one soon I find it better for fine control.

Deluxe Players Strat
   because you can never have too many strats

Squier Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster
   never had a Telecaster before, this one was a bargain and sounded so good that it is pretty much the only lead playing instrument on the 'Guitarist' CD.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
   everyone should have a Les Paul, my 'goto' guitar along with the black strat

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro
   fancied a 3 pickup Les Paul for a while and what's not to like about Epiphone?

2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional
   the daddy! While my epi's are fantastic there's no beating the real thing.

2013 Gibson SG 50's Trinute
   The version without the God awful Min E Tune system. Who could refuse a full fat Gibson with P90's? Not I Sir!

Epiphone ES335
   always loved semis, sounds great too

Epiphone G1275 twin neck
   for those drunken Led Zep fantasies, actually I've seen them slagged off but this one's a dream, as well as my 40th birthday pressie from Hils

Burns Brian May
   can turn it's hand to pretty much anything

Rickenbacker 330
   proper full on 60's jangle, wanted a Ric ever since I started listening to The Beatles all those years ago. It doesn't disappoint.

PRS SE Custom
   my first dip in the PRS pool and the reason behind my second!

   thanks to the Gibson, no longer holds the record for the most expensive instrument I've ever bought, it's almost too easy to play

Ovation Standard Elite 12 String
   in my 'umble opinion simply THE acoustic 12 string of the 80's

Takamine GN30CE
   had a bit of a run on acoustics last year

Ibanez Artist
   if wood could speak....

Ibanez GSR200
   has a nice growl too it and it's easy to play

Hofner Contemporary Series Violin Bass
   McCartney, need I say more?

LTD 5 String fretless
   about the only guitar I've ever bought with a specific purpose in mind

Rickenbacker 4003S
   latest (and final) addition and probably the last instrument of which I can say 'I've always wanted one of those'

Stagg Mandolin
   bought on a whim but so glad I did, when I tire of it I just start playing Bagpuss and all is right with the world!

Roland HD1
   good for all my (VERY) amateur drumming requirements

My modest home studio setup
   the scene of many crimes. The sharp eyed will spot the Icon Qcon Pro control surface backed by my Marshall and Custom Sound amps and a couple of keyboards (Casio and M-Audio for the curious) on the left and on the extreme right a Rode NT1A mic.

Add to that, Headrush Pedal Board, Boss GT8 multi effects processor, Behringer FCB1010 Midi foot controller, more compact effects pedals that you can shake a stick at coutesy of Ernie Ball, Electro Harmonix and Boss all of which run through a 100 watt Marshall for guitar or Fender Rumble 100 for bass amp when live, and are recorded either through Logic Pro X or Garageband on my 2013 Mac Pro. I use a Macbook Pro to run the backing tracks when live and occasionally eshew the live effect rig to run the guitar through the Macbook Pro for effectification and then slam the whole lot through the Marshall, (seems to get the job done!).

Oh yeah and lest I forget there's Garageband for the iPad as well!

I think that's everything.