Seasons's End

Seasons's End Cover      

Season's End - PH003

Recorded between January 2009 and April 2011

Written and arranged by Peter Harris

All noises made by Peter Harris

Copyright 2011 Peter Harris

Published 2011 Peter Harris

See copyright page for full details

Season's End started life at the beginning of 2009 as me noodling around with Garageband to see what damage I could do other than with covers of other people's tunes. I'd got frustrated with the limiting nature of playing tunes that were already 'fairly' well known and while I'm good at it and it is fun (and it's still how I practice), it's ultimately unfulfilling after a while.

I've always written, mainly lyrics, which as I don't sing it's hard to commit to disc and find satisfying. (I can do backing and harmony if pushed but I can also provide witnesses who will attest to my lack of ability in the lead vocal role). I am open to offers if there are any singers who'd like to add vocals, but I digress!

I very quickly had a slew of musical ideas committed to video (I can't read or write music so this is the only way I can see what the hell I meant!), and set about turning them into what you can hear here. For anyone who knows me, this CD will probably come as a surprise. It's certainly not what I had in mind when I started but I'm extremely pleased with the finished product, it's always a nice bonus when you don't find your own work cringeworthy.

So, I hope you enjoy the product of what has been the most fun I've had (musically, I hasten to add, the wife will read this!), in the last couple of years. If you enjoy it please feel free to spread it around and if you've got the time drop me a line at the email address below.

Oh and if you hate it, just delete it and we'll pretend that all of this unpleasantness never took place, cheers!

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01  Season's End 3.33
02  Behind the Door 4.59
03  Clear to the Horizon 4.04
04  Disconnected 3.28
05  Mainly in the Plain 3.18
06  Lifting the Veil 3.58
07  Marking Time 3.19
08  Behind the Door (Reprise) 1.45
09  Wishful Thinking 5.38
10  At the End 1.07