Six Ways From Sundae

Six Ways From Sundae      

Six Ways From Sundae - PH015

Written and recorded October 2017

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises by Peter Harris

Copyright 2017 Peter Harris

Published 2017 Peter Harris

Like the proverbial bad penny....

Well that escalated quickly. I did have a couple of left over ideas from Astronomical which I thought I might do something with and suddenly a couple of weeks later there I am with 11 new tracks seemingly from out of nowhere.

These have been even more fun, mainly because while Astronomical was me experimenting with sounds, I actually knew what I was doing this time around regarding synth programming and the like and having more confidence with the keyboard parts I was playing.

Never say never indeed, that really is it now for this year, think I need to recharge the ol' creative juices.

Now back to this years Chrimbo choon...

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01  Light Fantastic 3.26
02  Machine Code 3.12
03  Offworld Sunrise 3.36
04  Sunny Side Up 2.44
05  Definite Maybe 4.00
06  Moonrise 4.03
07  Outside In 4.09
08  Motion Capture 4.41
09  Sea Breeze 4.18
10  Downside Up 3.51
11  For the Craic 3.12