That's Gonna Smart

That's Gonna Smart      

That's Gonna Smart - PH007

Recorded between February and April 2012

Lead, rhythm guitars and other assorted noises by Peter Harris

With thanks and credit to the many and varied sources I acquired the backing tracks from.

Published 2012 Peter Harris

Copyright on each track resides with the original holder, except;

Quit Shovin' Copyright 2012 Peter Harris

And I said I wouldn't do another covers CD......

In fairness there is one original new track from me on this one, so it's only mostly covers. I decided to go with the un-obvious in some places and in a couple of others play it strictly for laffs. Doesn't take a MENSA candidate to figure out which are which.

Hell I've even shoe horned a few Pink Floyd covers in too which was fun, may do a whole CD of those some time if I can find a singist (I think that's the musical term).

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy it, why not tell your friends if you do or run screaming to your MP if you don't. Your choice!

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01  Signs of Life 3.57
02  The Air That I Breathe 4.20
03  And I Love Her 2.30
04  Runaway 3.27
05  Quit Shovin' 4.51
06  Any Colour You Like 3.44
07  Buffy Theme 0.53
08  Imperial March 1.17
09  Till There Was You 2.14
10  Lady Penelope 2.09
11  FBI 2.24
12  Red Dwarf Theme 0.38
13  Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1) 3.47
14  Because 2.36
15  Let It Be 3.44
16  Something 3.01
17  Edge of Darkness 3.21