Stuff and Nonsense EP

Stuff and Nonsense      

Stuff and Nonsense EP - PHEP001

Recorded between April and May 2013

Guitars by Peter Harris

Copyright resides with the original holders

Published 2013 Peter Harris

Not a lot to say really, I have a really low boredom threshold and once again my new CD of original material got mired down courtesy of my birthday mandolin. That's not to say that I haven't got some great ideas, it's just that most of the mando and guitar stuff that was going to go on the next one didn't fit in with my mood, (I know...pretentious much?).

So I did what I usually do and started arseing around with covers. Hence this EP ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous...but I had fun doing it. Oh and the next CD is back on track and I've still got all that really good stuff that I had demo'd ready for the one after next...result

As always I hope you find something you like here, if not you can always follow the current trend and wait thirty years to report me to the authorities for mental cruelty.

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01  Jealous Guy 4.11
02  The Pink Panther Theme 3.04
03  Love Potion No.9 2.05
04  Sleepwalk 2.49
05  Shakin' All Over 2.38
06  Funeral For A Friend 4.20