Subtractive Synthesis

Subtractive Synthesis      

Subtractive Synthesis - PH016

Written and recorded June and July 2018

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises by Peter Harris (Except and obviously NOT Neil Armstrong though)

Copyright 2018 Peter Harris

Published 2018 Peter Harris

Did a few things I don't normally do with this one there are some different time signatures on Subtractive Synthesis, not my normal thing especially Prelude which is in 7/8 for the curious and was a challenge.

There are 3 in 3/4 which again isn't my usual MO but was rather good fun, for the curious they are Accelerando, Bandwidth and Coda. I'll be applying what I've learned to the guitar as well so now this one is done I can get back to finishing the collection I started BEFORE this one.

If you don't find something to like on here then (and I AM blowing my own trumpet) I'd be genuinely surprised so please have a listen and prove me right.

Till next time adieu....

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01  Prelude 3.16
02  Aftertouch 3.23
03  Crossfade 3.32
04  Polyphony 4.36
05  Accelerando 3.20
06  Interlude 1.58
07  Telephonic 4.41
08  Resonance 3.34
09  Sostenuto 3.18
10  Impromptu 3.30
11  Bandwidth 3.33
12  Coda 2.18