With the Luxury of Time

With the Luxury of Time      

With the Luxury of Time - PH010

Written and recorded between February and October 2014

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises by Peter Harris

Copyright 2014 Peter Harris

Published 2014 Peter Harris

Must be that time again....

Nothing deep to say here, had fun doing this one.

Hope you like it, either all or in bits. Up to you really....

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01  Eins Zwei Drei 3.27
02  A Gentle Nudge 3.42
03  Penny For Them 2.58
04  Short of Breath 6.03
05  Brief Respite 3.33
06  Until Next Time 3.06
07  A Page of Memories 4.20
08  With the Luxury of Time 3.18
09  They All Pass By 3.47
10  To the Last Drop 1.27
11  Perchance to Dream 3.28