A Bit About Us

A bit about Pete......

I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show..

No, that's a Cher song, sorry!

I was born under a wanderin' star..

..Lee Marvin..SHIT!!

I was born in Croydon on the 29th February 1964, that's pretty much all I remember about that day.

There were lots of other days, some good, some bad, the good vastly outweighed the bad so I guess that's OK and probably about as much as you want to know anyway.

Today, I'm happily married to Hilary who, if she doesn't always understand me, flatters me by pretending that she does and usually laughs at my jokes (even the really crappy ones). Yep every bloke should have a Hilary she makes getting up in the morning worthwhile..

..bloody hell, sentiment, that shouldn't have happened..sorry..again!

I'm not going to go into a long list of my likes and dislikes, the website pretty much covers the majors and anyway it all gets a bit 'Smash Hits' sounding after a while..

'..this week Justin Bieber's favourite ice cream flavour..'

So that's me, I don't take much very seriously, find a lot of things truely annoying and can't abide stupidity, but on the whole I like the vast majority of people who I meet and choose not to bother with the ones I don't. Most who meet me generally realise which category they fall into fairly quickly..

A bit about Hilary......

Will appear in this very spot, once she has written it......she still hasn't, I'm not holding my breath.