Across the Great Divide

Across the Great Divide      

Across the Great Divide - PH013

Written and recorded between March and August 2017

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises by Peter Harris

Copyright 2017 Peter Harris

Published 2017 Peter Harris

Is it that time again already?

It's time to unleash another sonic assault on your senses although if you are in any way familiar with my usual output then nothing here will be too surprising.

This is another one which started out one thing and ended up another, anyone who saw the video for A Moment of Doubt which I knocked up for Facebook will know that the titles has changed, the original was more in keeping with my frame of mind at the time. Anyhow I've improved (i think), still a way to go yet but one step at a time....

Anyway much love to friends and family without whom etc etc...

Hope you find something enjoyable on here, I had fun doing it....the next one is already under way. It WILL surprise you...

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01  Across the Great Divide 4.53
02  A Day at the Park 5.31
03  A Moment of Doubt 4.10
04  The Road Not Travelled 3.42
05  Across the Great Divide (Part 2) 4.56
06  Endless Circles 4.37
07  The Voices Inside 4.48
08  Coming to Terms 4.40
09  Across the Great Divide (Part 3) 4.50