Here and Yesterday

Subtractive Synthesis      

Here and Yesterday - PH018

Written and recorded between November 2017 and May 2019

Written, arranged and produced by Peter Harris

All noises by Peter Harris, except (of course) Pat Simmons the voice of the Speaking clock on Timecheck.

Copyright 2019 Peter Harris

Published 2019 Peter Harris

It's only taken me since 2017 to get round to finishing this, I think 'Season's End' took a bit longer so I haven't broken my own personal best (or worst) just yet.

Here and Yesterday has taken quite a while, I thinks it's fair to say that to a certain extent I 'fell out of love' with the guitar, not helped by recurring bouts of depression which left me unsatisfied with my sound, my playing and my general sense of creativity on the instrument almost every time I picked it up (might also explain all the electronic stuff which took over for a while).

Anyway enough of my problems by some standards I've had it easy! This is a reflective collection which probably sums up my recent mood, there's a lot of guitar harmony on it which I always enjoy working out as well as some things learnt from my electronic dabblings, plus my homage to the movie music of John Carpenter which I've always loved.

Onwards and upwards as they say, let's see how long the next one takes....(I have already got a couple of demos).

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01  Taken For a Ride 5.06
02  No Regrets 4.10
03  Afraid of the Dark 3.39
04  Moving Forward 4.42
05  Over the Edge 4.14
06  Hell to Pay 2.42
07  Rien Ne Va Plus 5.09
08  Last Man Standing 4.22
09  Away With the Faeries 4.14
10  Timecheck 4.38