The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect Cover      

The Ripple Effect - PH004

Recorded between May to September 2011

All noises by Peter Harris

Copyright 2011 Peter Harris

Published 2011 Peter Harris

See copyright page for full details

O.K. so it's turned out to be a good deal less moody than Season's End (albeit a good moody in my opinion), and I think overall hangs together better as a whole, probably by virtue of the fact that whereas Season's End took 2 years from start to finish, I've got through with this one a lot quicker (unemployment does have it's upsides..but not many!).

I've written a couple of extra tracks which fit in nicely and I was all set to write a couple more but when I got everything into a rough running order, it worked well as it was and musically (at the risk of sounding pretentious) said everything I've got to say at the moment, the trick (it seems) is knowing when to leave well enough alone.

Once again I've opted to play everything myself so there's no one to blame but me! Maybe for the next one I'll write some vocal parts and find a singer to flesh things out a bit, and at some point I would like to do some of this live, so I'm either going to have to find a band or knock out some backing tracks..more on that later.

That's probably it for this year but don't quote me, I'm jus as likely to run out another covers CD if the mood takes me.

Joking aside, I'm really proud of this one and hope you'll enjoy it.

With any luck it won't traumatise you too much..! As always comments are more than welcome.

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01  The Way Ahead 3.52
02  Ebb and Flow 3.26
03  Closer Than You Think 7.14
04  On the Wing 3.31
05  Ou est Sargeant Rock 4.23
06  Never the Time 4.10
07  It's the Little Things 3.47
08  All Our Yesterdays 3.55
09  Straight to the Point 2.33